The 11th Commandment

18 thoughts to “The 11th Commandment”

      1. Hey, What does it matter to you? Bill likes Toonhole, he likes communicating with the Toonhole gang, so what if he posts on all the comics?

        It sure as hell beats some dude/chick trying to insult someone else in the comment section just because he/she’s so insecure about themself that the only way they can feel better about themself is to insult people.

        1. Hey, why are you insulting yourshrink! Why don’t you do something about the stuff you said instead of being all like writings words one after the other to mean something in a context of sentences.

      2. The true Toonhole fans who are also cartoonists themselves do post comments on every comic. It’s the law of nature & the right thing to do as opposed to be an insulting jerk like yourself. Do you even draw???

      3. I really hope that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. In an increasingly technical society, those on the autistic spectrum tend to be more suited to the skills needed. Autism may involve challenge with social skills, but there is often a trade-off. When somebody with autism finds their niche, the results are something to behold


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