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  1. As a victim of bullying myself, this video is the reason I will now no longer visit toonhole.com as I used to every Mon, Wed, and Fri. I have no words to express my disgust.

        1. well if he is true to his words~
          he’ll not have to see what ryan had said~
          these jokes are not meant to be taken seriously~
          *stuffs you in a locker*~

    1. Hey Yea, on a serious note we obviously don’t condone bullying. We try to find humor in all corners of life, and the humor here comes from such an unexpected twist. I hope we really HAVEN’T lost your readership as it means a lot to us, but don’t feel like we are singling anybody out. Everything equally gets the humor spotlight shined on it here. I’m sorry that you were ever bullied, but don’t see us as supporters of those cowards.

    2. Don’t pretend this was the first over-the-line comic Toonhole ever made, hey. You’re acting like they’re out to get you personally or something.

    3. Oh get over it, I’ve been bullied as a kid too and you don’t see me crying about it on the comments section of a cartoon.

  2. Recommendation for bullied kid: Read Voodoo for Dummies.
    Recommendation for Witch Doctor: Make a users manual or at least a users guide.

      1. animator, everything is pretty much digital. we work ALL the layers in Flash. roughs, clean lines, and color. Pop that into after effects to treat for small color shift stuff, gradients on the character layers, noise and grain, etc. and a bit of blur here and there. Add in the photoshop BG at this stage, and treat that with effects if needed.

        Then edit in all the clips together in Final Cut pro or Adobe Premiere.


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