31 thoughts to “Vampire Killers”

    1. so you’re saying you wanted him fat~?
      with a beer gut and all that jazz~?
      unless you mean he was just boney~
      not enough meat to be a cushion~
      lol, don’t go for the twigs then~
      or fatten him up with sugary delights~

      1. Hey, dude, I just wanted to tell you that you should quit breaking up your text as if it’s a song lyric and using the tilde sign at the end of every line. It doesn’t make you look original and different. It actually makes you appear as someone who is not the brightest bulb in the room. I’m not saying that you are dumb, you just make yourself look like that.

  1. This is awesome. The guy kinda reminds me of myself, however I’m forever alone :'( But I digress, Love the work, keep it up, Insert generic complement here.

  2. I thought the rule of vampires~
    were that they arent allowed into houses~
    unless they were invited into the house~?
    he must have been a roomate or something~
    considering both of them didn’t care who sneezed~

      1. Nah, it’s vampire rule of invitation~
        don’t kno bout faires having that rule~
        Search it out there on the details~
        alot of Vampire lore out there~


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