30 thoughts to “Two Kinds of People”

  1. I think that places daddy in the first category.

    *dammit, almost forgot to press the ‘Submit Comment’ button*

    1. You’re assuming the 2 kinds are mutually exclusive. (i.e. if a, not b, and if b, not a).

      For instance, he could’ve said “There’s 2 kinds of people in this world, males or females.” which may seem OK at first but isn’t logically correct as there are all kinds of in-between, ;).

  2. Do you guys want to give me you’re artistic skills?… because seriously I am jealous of all of your styles. I tried to draw once, but it didn’t turn out so good.

  3. i miss good ol’ tymes. beside real action “movies” i miss the point. -.-” since frogs adventures (and “movie”) theres a lag of gore and obcenetiy (is that even the right word lol).


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