Turn Off All Electronic Devices

16 thoughts to “Turn Off All Electronic Devices”

      1. sure you’d want that? They’d probably charge $100, black bar all the saucier bits, and it’d probably get ruined by the 2 oz. of sprite they reluctantly give you with their tiny pack of honey mustard pretzels.

  1. You know this is a lie. I’ve been on plains many times and never turned off any of my electronic devices. And you know what? We never crashed. The plane that was after us did! This might have been my phone, or those air-to-air missles I fired…

    1. I’ve been on plains many times too, and generally I used my electronic devices to take pictures of the cows, horses, and sheep.

    2. Just because your plane doesn’t crash, doesn’t mean your devices aren’t causing havoc for the pilots!

  2. I tried to use an electronic device but they made me stop because it was “inappropriate” and that there were “children present” I mean I know Borderlands is “M” rated, but it’s not that bad. As if anyone else could see my Vita Screen anyway. I even had headphones in.


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