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31 thoughts on “Trophy Hunting

  1. As soon as i saw the first panel i knew where this was going… LMAO keep up the good work

    and no i dont think this is racist, just funny

      1. It’s a little bit racist, but not that huge of a deal. I mean if we censor about every little thing that is not political correct than comedy would slowly dying out.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if their are actually real trophy hunters out there who will go and hunt humans. After all rich, white men can get away with everything.

  2. Oh wow. This is why I keep coming back. You just draw the line in the sand, take four steps past it, turn around, then set it on fire.

  3. God damn poachers, never taking the real things of value on their expeditions.

    The lest they could have done was steal the lions wallet!

  4. I remember a story like this we read out loud in sophomore year in high school. When we hit the “punchline” (that the hunting was for humans of another ‘race’) the room fell dead silent. We didn’t see it coming there!

    Cartoons are another matter entirely.

  5. Can you do another one like this. Only this time showing the hunters trophy room where they have other stuffed african men & women with x-eyes?