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39 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

    1. Y’know, it’s not like these guys don’t make fun of (mono)heterosexual white men and women either. Why are monosexual people fair game, but not transexual people?

  1. Transmisogyny isn’t funny. For what it’s worth, you’ve lost a long time follower of your comic. Please take the time to educate yourself on how jokes like these take a toll on the transgender community and transgender individuals. It’s dehumanizing, and degradation like this causes real harm and actual violence against actual people.

    1. That’s really silly. I’m transgender and I found this hilarious, I’m okay with it. I think you can make jokes about anything (or otherwise nothing). But that’s just me.

  2. The notion of transwomen as “tricks” is old, tiresome and was never particularly clever or funny to begin with. Transgender people are so, so much more likely to be victims of violence, and jokes such as this only further reinforce the environment where transgender people are dehumanized or seen as “tricking” cis people. TheLastMachine, you may be transgender (as am I), but that doesn’t change the fact that jokes such as these, while “just a joke,” are what pave the way for discrimination and violence. That increase in violence isn’t simply born out of the void, but created in an environment where transgender individuals are seen as less than human, intentionally trying to deceive people (tricks), and made the butt of jokes.

    1. Well I think I really agree with you there if the joke is in a mainstream medium like The Hangover 2 but Toonhole is just some underground crude comic that stays true to not caring about anything :b I don’t think the target audience here would be change their mind about LGBT people wether they are joked about or not.
      UGH sorry for replying, I hate it when the comments section turns into a discussion thread for “sensitive” issues xD

  3. I suppose you’re right. I’ve quietly tsk-tsked at the fat-shaming, racism, and bigotry for months and didn’t speak out until it hit home.

    I’ll show myself out.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, anybody that would commit violence against another human for being different is going to do that shit regardless if they laugh at a off color joke or not. It’s the same argument that “video games influence people to shoot each other.” Amirite?

  4. Making a seemingly innocent comic about a woman with a dick (or a man with boobs) which starts a rant in the comments section. Pure art! 😀

    I’ve never even thought about it as making fun of transgenders, until some readers started to complain about it.

  5. I know this 3years old but everyone is talking about the trans but not about the kid with the “ghost” costume