Tip For A Big Penis

29 thoughts to “Tip For A Big Penis”

  1. Last guy should’ve been driving something like 1964 Chevy Impala.

    Or are you implying that he doesn’t even have a car?

  2. This is obviously a fake black guy. A real black guy would make a rap song about his large penis…and he’d use condoms made of money…and there would be bitches

      1. Men wearing skinny/tight jeans are more prone to impotence.

        I always give them hipsters with skinny jeans a big grin while looking at their private parts, when I’m walking past one.
        (No homo, just creepy)

        1. Amateurs, both. You know what says “large genitalia” and “high testosterone level”?

          Internet bickering, flame wars and shit storms, that’s what!

          But, you gotta real the sarcasm down a bit. Makes you look brainy/nerdy.

  3. I don’t get it, what does the third man do to make his penis seem big? Is he worried about the size of his penis? Is he all right with his small penis, and hence he wears the baggy clothes? Is he the calm voice of reason in this trio?

          1. But, how does that explain me… err, I mean my uhh… very black friend?… Yah… I’m sure they’ll believe that

  4. I think society is going to find these guys someday, and just bury them in the ground. Maybe their dads write the comic.

  5. I don’t understand WHY does he have to have a pick in his Fro we already get he 1)has a fro 2) is black.

  6. (=’:’=)(=’:’=)(=’:’=) Olha, eu estive procurando sobre esse assunto na internet e encontrei um vídeo de uma youtuber https://youtu.be/mgMh_auX0GM no vídeo a Emilly Evelyn mostrou uma maquiagem da KIKO (• .•) você sabe me dizer onde eu encontro essa maquiagem para comprar? já procurei em tudo que é lugar e não encontro 🙁 🙁 Um beijão 🙂 (ɔ• .•)ɔ


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