14 thoughts to “The Heist”

    1. If you borrow the books, then eventually the library pesters you about returning them, notices about late fines, etc.

      But if you steal the books, then the library don’t know who you are or how to get in contact with you.

      1. That’s why you kill homeless people & illegal immigrants until you find a usable ID.

        There’s no need to go to the extreme lengths of pointing a gun at an old lady. This comic gives a very bad example.

  1. Cheat code : LEARN

    How to enable Life’s cheat codes :
    1. Open your mind
    2. Open a fucking book.
    3. Use the cheats codes.

    PS: I tried it and got my dick stuck in a bookshelf. Don’t try this at home. Be safe

  2. They’re always on about closing the libraries around here.

    I see it less as stealing books, and more preserving their knowledge for future generations.

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