The Boy Who Cried Allah

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        1. This comic is not racist, however to claim there to be a whole ethnic group to stupid and or gut less for atheism certainly is.

    1. saszk: what’s so racist about this pic? if it said “the lil sandnigger who cried allah” you would have a point.

      dude 1: “i don’t believe in any god”
      dude 2: “man that’s so racist!”
      dude 1: what

      either way, keep it up mike! nothing is beyond satire, criticism, etc.

    2. sorry sazk, i didnt mean to be that type of human being which would make fun of someones beliefs. i portrayed my shallowness and deep stupidity. i dont believe in god i believe in martians and the beetles as being god but i dont want someone making fun of me for praying to my sandals which is what my family does personally. i no its stupid and thats why im posting it

  1. If anyone feels somewhat strongly either way, racist or funny. I’d like to know why. I don’t want to put CRAP into this world. Off to an appointment. Best Regards.

    post script:
    If you feel nothing, then I need to stop making shit cartoons…or you’re dead inside and you should see a doctor.

    1. i loved your comics til i got to this one. keep religion out of it boss cuz no one agrees with it im not comin back to this site anymore sorry

  2. Really man? Just label it “Boy who cried God.” You don’t have to single out Allah. All Gods are equally screwed up. It’s only funny when you mock all idiots, not just one of a particular religion.

    1. Thank you all for writing me your reactions. I make something and put it into the world, seeing people’s reactions is the only true test of something, be it good, true, or funny…most of the time. Much appreciated.
      Dan, thanks, dude. I lack the wordsmithiness, but you have clear thoughts and good writing. Satire, good comic, or bad. My job should be to make my jokes clear and with 100% integrity; offensive or not. I should back it. Glad you dug it.

      Sumit, thanks very much for your feedback. I felt to not use the word ‘God’ because I didn’t want to generalize and simply slam on religion. There is more integrity and humor (sometimes) in specifics. I don’t think that would have be right or even funny to generalize. If it’s not a good specific joke, sometimes I gotta think about if it’s worth doing.So I might have failed to communicate 🙁 , thank you for taking the time to write me your reaction.

      tldr: thanks for the feedback. I’d like to hear your honest reactions if you got em.

      1. Dude, considering the stereotype is that anyone who mentions Allah or Mohammed on tv is doomed to die or get blown up, you did an absolute perfect job with this cartoon!

  3. Mike, I understand why some people may get offended by this cartoon, but that is the nature of satire. It bites where it hurts. This is a sharp cartoon, and while I enjoy your routine “dick joke” cartoons, it’s nice to see something with a message now and then. Keep up the good work!

    And yes, I agree with Sumit that all religions are screwed up, but almost all suicide bombers that I heard of came from a very fanatic faction of a certain religion (and yes, I know that 99.9% followers of that religions are moderate and peaceful people, still, suicide bombers were born out of that religion).

    1. I’m sorry, I’m an atheist and even I resent that comment, however neutral you tried to make it seem. Suicide bombers are born out of that religion? First, I’d like you to meet kamikaze pilots, who weren’t screaming Allah while diving. Then, I’d like you to meet the Crusades, who weren’t screaming Allah. Also, the “witch-burning” Christians, also not screaming Allah. Did I mention Hitler who wasn’t screaming Allah as well? Both the media and the people of America have gladly branded violence and suicide bombing to Muslims while neither Christians nor Americans seem to be getting any of that. While the 20 Muslims in the media have branded a religion unstable, why haven’t the millions of American soldiers on Iraqi soil, killing “sandniggers” for oil, not been branded with anything? That’s why every muslim is being such a bitch about this, because not every side is getting branded for what bad they’ve done, and it seems like only one side is getting called terrorist while simultaneously getting their land raped by oil rigs. When the Ottoman Empire moved against christians, the whole christian world united against them and supressed them into oblivion, now 20 guys who want silly revenge are getting the victim called the terrorist.

  4. I definitely got a chuckle or two out of this one. And all the people getting butthurt over it kinda just helps prove the point of this comic.

  5. I found it to be hilarious satire, and it fits right in. That’s because all Muslim boys will blow themselves up in the name of Allah, because they are disgusting sand-niggers. Fuck Islam.

  6. I think its funny, I have seen stuff bout making fun of god in christian type terms and no one makes a fuss and move on to something like this and its OMG Racist!? the hell people cant laugh at something like this then dont laugh at anything

    1. Sorry you didn’t dig the comic, Tima. Sometimes I take risks and the gag doesn’t communicate and resonate with everyone. Hope you can still check out our other stuff as it develops over the future.

      1. Hey, bro you don’t need to be sorry at all. All this is, is just a joke. I am a muslim and I find it pretty funny. I’m not saying it’s cool to blow your self up, but once again, it is merely a joke. So Tima, please understand that you don’t have to comment about this and just keep it to yourself.

  7. Just wondering, if Mike had used the word “God” instead of “Allah” how many people would have taken that as a reference to every deity in every religion, and how many would have assumed he was referring to the Christian God? Of those who would assum he referred to the Christian God, how many would have been as offended as they are by the above picture? It’s not fair on the artist to be offended by one religious reference but apathetic to others. I personally, found this mildly amusing. Does that make me racist too?

    1. Gillz, I used the word Allah specifically because of the unfortunate but real image in many American minds of the phrase ‘Allah ho akbar’ often being associate with non-peaceful dissent. This doesn’t pick out christians vs muslim vs whatever religion I chose not to use. It’s specific to that phrase and the Western (american) image of it’s use in the middle east during the ‘wars on terror’ and wars in countries that have Islam as a primary religion. If the countries involved were Buddhist, I wouldn’t not have used the word Allah. If the countries involved were Atheist, I would probably make fun of Carl Sagan, even though he’s pretty cool…but I’d still focus on him and be direct to the situation. But those elements are not involved in the ‘War on terror’ that we experienced/are experiencing and don’t belong in this now aging gag.

      1. I always thought the gag was:

        “Since you made fun of Allah, us Islams are gonna blow you up now. So since this boy cried Allah, he got blown up by an overreacting Islam. Sorta in the same vein as the episode of South Park where they made such a huge deal about Family Guy showing Mohammed”

  8. Hmmm… Lessee: how many religious nutjobs regularly rig themselves up with suicide bombs? Funny, the closest we Buddhists ever came was setting ourselves on fire. In silent protest. I wonder why everbody’s minds go STRAIGHT to the same place when they think “suicide bomber.” Must be unfair profiling.

    Mike, I wanna be like you when I blow up.

  9. I don’t particularly hate satire, per se, but with all the blatant bashing religion gets these days, It just gets a little hard to laugh comics like this off. All I’m saying is that once in a while things like this are funny, but the sheer saturation of hurtful and ignorant things all around, only serve to paint this comic in the same light(although it probably isn’t). You just get tired of it all at a point. Great comics though, love them.

  10. I found this to be hilarious, especially because of the double standards when it comes to religion! Everyone can make fun of Christianity, but when you make fun of Muslim/Allah, Look out!

  11. Interesting that when it’s Christianity it’s always funny but when it’s Islam or others it’s racist and bad. Hypocy everywhere.

  12. Mike, as an Aesop’s Fables worshiper, this comic really pisses me off. The boy who cried wolf will never be the same again. C’mon gang, If you’re pissed off by this comic like me, let’s all go read Ziggy, I heard that fools got some real zingers…

  13. Mike, i am a non-american muslim, and i just want to say that, while i don’t find this particular joke funny (for obvious reason) i can see why others might find it funny.

    I have enjoyed all of your cartoons i and will not stop reading or enjoying your future work.

    1. Thanks, Arman! Sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss. And I appreciate you that you can say,
      “hey, I don’t like this, it’s crap (or whatever). but I’m gonna check out what else these guys have to offer.”
      I hope you enjoy today’s space comic and thanks for taking your time to give our silly pictures a shot.

  14. It actually took me a minute to get the joke.
    I didn’t find it particularly funny, however, I was neither offended nor did I find it unfunny.

    I think it would have hit off better with the readers if it had instead been a semi-average man on the ground, filled with bullet holes, surrounded by American soldiers.
    You know, since Americans react to all things Islamic in nature rather poorly. Great comic though.

    1. (jots down new gag idea for next weeks comic, stuffs it in back pocket, shifts eyes, walks off whistling).

      But seriously, thanks for sharing your thoughts and dropping us a comment, Aaron.

  15. My first association was not “suicide bomber”. I thought it was about a poor kid bombed by a drone aircraft.
    Gives this a completely different twist.

  16. Holy crap look at all the lefties. I for one found this fricken hilarious I hardly ever laugh out loud. Good chuckle. Nice to see someone isn’t afraid of making fun of every day situations. Everyone else lighten the fire truck up


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