17 thoughts to “The Blind Date”

    1. Samthecrazy: Did see you in the comment section here. Few years back and instead of commenting on a old comment I decided to go all the way here just to say I <3 your avatar, just curious though, is it from your own work or from somewhere else? And if the later,where can I find it^~^

  1. The facial expressions were way too hyperbolic =/ It felt like you guys tried too hard, it irritated me. Beyond that, the punchline was darn good.

  2. The first girl does the date, then second girl turns up to do the blind dumb version of it. Luckily, the dude now has his sight restored, and leaves the table for the next dude to date the blind…

  3. Oh, that was just too sweet! It was naughty and completely unexpected. So now he may not be nervous but he’s going to be soooo distracted. (Liked the live version, too.)


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