Teeth Whitening

11 thoughts to “Teeth Whitening”

  1. I call b.s. He has waaaay too many intact teeth to be a real KKK member.

    (also he’s kinda young, shouldn’t he be like….I dunno, 100?)

    1. The KKK is still real, not as real as they used to be but they are definitely still here…. in the south. Soooo maybe im missing something but he’s age is irrelevant

      1. Well, I live in the deep south of Georgia, and the only guys I’ve EVER seen dressed like that were some ancient old farts once when I was coming back from a mud bogging competition, shuffling through the woods. I guess down here younger members either don’t have white sheets or just don’t give a damn.

        …Personally I can’t decide if I like them with the dresses or not, they fall easier with the dresses on, making catching them easier….but it adds for more layers that I have to rip off to get to a snack. Though it does make them very very easy to find targets too….

        Eh well, I’ll keep a look out for more decked out like that while hunting.

        1. I’m pretty sure if someone got caught in KKK uniform, they may get arrested lol.
          Something about rights, or stuff (;

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