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    1. he love her loved the way she kissed and a@@oo. I know it is not toaltly her fault but everytime I see her and that is every sunday I like reliving it all over again. My gut tells me it is not over, however, my husband says it is. My fault with her is she took jewelry money, furniture and this all started when my husband was conselling she and her husband who were having problems. Deep in my heart I suspected this long before I really new. One of the tings I did was ask he one sunday after church in my husbands presence and he told ME to get out. Now he says he doesn’t even talk to her> When I told him last night that I feel he has striped me of my dignity there because he talked about me to her (lies such as I didn’t want to have sex with him) we were just in the same house together. we have been to counselling but I cannot trust him . will this get better. One reason it is so hard is because he’s done it at another church

  2. I think she was lying~
    if she was really pregnant~
    they wouldnt really go to europe then~
    more like medical bills for child~
    or cost for abortion~
    then again….*pulls out coat hanger*~

    1. That’s what I think. That smile at the end tells me she lied. That smile is a “Job well done” smile and I see a part of “Hah I duped you bitch” smile. Either way great comic, guys.

    2. It’s because in certain Euro & EurAsian countries, you can still partake in abortions BEYOND full term. Some countries permit abortions to age 18. That is age of the child, not the parent! Don’t confuse those two!!! So you just take the kid along, tell the doc you want to abort that pregnancy (do it before they get a driver’s license!!!) – and they offer a variety of ways to fit your “home culture.”

      If you are from the US “South” (including Texas) – you are definitely “No Kulturney” and any method will suffice. Chunky style for Tex-Mex Chili! is a favorite. Mini-Chunky the Italian way – chunked and then mix with 6 cubic yards of concrete for a large stadium or an Interstate Highway Project are favorites of ethnics located in Texas!

      Large, industrial wood chippers dedicated to the process, can do “tree-sized people” to make Gazpacho / Gaspachio — chilled and served as a dip for tortillas or cold spicy tomato soup (Sorry! Even if the aborted was vegan, this dish is not!).

      Also – a lathe that smooth trimmings of the torso – (arms and head lathed off, or Hand-Trimmed if your religion requires that – so you have the trunk midsection and legs as two substantial “branches”) – that are seasoned and frozen for you to cook whenever you’re in the mood for a “Manwich!”

      Tit Toppings, Cheese Dongs and Colorado Oysters are all hand-trimmed! Many tourists from other countries love to take the trimming classes when the US Abortodanza! cruise ships arrive! (Not as easy as it sounds – for land-locked countries!)

      NOTE: If you’re from the USA, you CANNOT bring that “Leg of Man” or other cuts of meat back into the country as per USDA rules. It could be diseased. They can only return diseased if they can walk to their own airline seat. Not following Foreign TSA instructions often results in ending up BACK at one of the local service providers, it is assumed for hard labor – though some do get cushy jobs just testing the temperature of the liquid nitrogen. No special knowledge required.

      A huge liquid nitrogen tank dip is used for the quick & “EeZee” way for “Abortion Performance Art” for any Post-Partum Abortions, (used to capture the expression – and you get a video of watching it shatter when everyone in the party gets to hit it at the same time with a hammer to watch it break like a giant glass statue! Possibilities are endless!)

      Bulgaria, Belarus, Chechnya and Siberia are tops on the list – however, if the art model is really cute, it’s not unusual for them to have a brief career as an international star! Everyone has seen “One Night Deep Inside Siberia…” haven’t they? It has won the last 5 years in a row at the Great Chinese Ice Sculpture Show – as both a documentary and live performance! An example of international cooperation and art appreciation between two countries with centuries of history between them!

  3. “Tar January 25, 2012 at 4:37 am
    I love these animated comics

    Toonhole Chris January 25, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Well, guess I’ll have to keep making them then.”

    I guess this is a recurrence for you two then, eh?


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