Suicide Hotline

6 thoughts to “Suicide Hotline”

  1. Man, I don’t know if the author knew when he drew this, but the suicide hotline DOES put you on hold.

    It’s actually the reason I survived the night – when the hold music started playing I found the whole idea of hold music for the suicide hotline SO DAMNED ABSURD that I was LAUGHING when I finally got a human on the other end.

  2. Yeah that is exactly what happens. It seems absurd that they’d keep you online but the truth is that they are busy. There are suicide chats which don’t keep you waiting as much but personally I would call an emergency mental health team as opposed to the suicide helpline, which is made out of unqualified bots working on overly simplistic a algorithm, I swear they might as well just substitute all the suicide line people with bots and nobody would notice.


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