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  1. I am personally getting tired of seeing John work to put up a strip, and every time, the same people knock him for it. Not every strip @ C&H has a razor edge – far from it. I find reading strips that have familiar elements about them fun to read because now they are visual as well.

    There are 3 guys here, and each one takes on the world a little different, and that’s why this works, that’s why C&H works (previously 4, and that added direction help them, it didn’t hurt them). I enjoy the strip more when there are slap in the face sex gags and the udders that one of the guy’s draw are always exceptional, but even those (and Oglaf) get old, where John’s strips of late are perfect “middle of the road” which is part of the mix they need when appearing in various Comics Portal(s) as they have been – from Reddit to Taptastic or Webtoon (and others that I have seen via StumbleUpon et. al., & don’t recall the name) – but I prefer my daily tab to visit here for the “ToonHole Experience.”

    They have a model and a plan, and it includes more than just what’s here – and they’ve informed us on the cover page of things being a work in progress. I have no idea what they are, but they’ve made a good team thus far, and I see better consistency at Toonhole than I do with a number of strips I’ve been reading for more than 10 years (and a few big ones that I’ve dropped for those same reasons — either too consistent or too many breaks in humor to have cartoon characters preaching at us or arguing with us – instead of following their formula.

    One in particular chose to follow their ego. Another – probably the #1 comic on Earth kept the comic on track – but again, had to make their opinion & critique on US events & followers part of the strip’s daily web feed just under the comic, that takes some real discipline to avoid.

    It is far more difficult to write singles than it is a serial strip. I happened to like today’s strip. Knowing when to walk away or go for that 4th panel is a skill too. There isn’t a single person out there I expect to take by breath away with laughter every time I encounter them. If you guys think yo do, with your comments on a tame strip – you’re far off the mark. Which goes to prove just how difficult it is to write humor, and illustrate just the right mental image to leave with it.

    When any of you post about the existence of your own strip over at Taptastic (there are plenty of eager 13-16 year olds giving it a shot… in addition to the experienced and some pros. Why don’t you give it a shot!!??) – I’d be glad to add you to my list, and keep you there if you’re funny. I’d even turn off Ad-Block for you if you’re funny!

    Be sure to post an announcement here. Until then, at least work on getting your comments up to “humorous sarcasm.” Jon Stewart & Colbert and a few others are really good at just hammering on what other people do. For it not to get old and tiresome, it’s got to be sharp witted and different each time.

    Say less, and just post the best ones – I’d come for the comic and laugh twice with the comments. But don’t think that “lame & Mom” are good enough. That just tells me you still live at home & are in high school. There are 50 million more in the US just like you. You gotta do better, if you want to make your point stick.

    John, just use PayPal this time. I’m getting tired of you writing “sex with my dog” on the memo line, and having to change it to “Mom” before going to the bank!


  2. He doesn’t care. It shows he has a reader base, probably a 1000 times greater than the poster base.
    I’d love to have that. I run a page and it gets between 75 to 200 hits a day. Still, I’m happy with that.
    Can you imagine doing this day in and out with no feedback?
    Keep it up!!

  3. I appreciate you John, but this one was a little weird. I think it would either be better without a 3rd panel, or with a better punchline. It felt like it was leading up to something, and then it’s just kinda done. I think you might have needed to show the dad’s words used against him more effectively, like the kid runs away, and the dad is like “ah, well, im too lazy to get him” or something or other. I know that’s not really good at all either, BUT I tried.

    anyway, it’s all good, no offense toward you or nothin.


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