8 thoughts to “Starving”

  1. The saddest thing is that I hear people say that beggars will be picky about what food you give them. So, if you give them store-brand bread, they’ll say things like “Wth, man! This isn’t Pepperidge Farm!”

  2. Come on, as if anyone would give a beggar a steak. There are even laws where charity organisations are forbidden to feed the homeless

  3. I had a beggar ask me for a dollar for food because he was diabetic. This was a new line but I decided to play along with him. I offered him a ham and cheese sandwich. He rejected it because he was Muslim. Then I offered him a roast beef sandwich and a bottle of milk. He rejected those too. He looked excited when he thought I had wine. I refrained from pointing out that the Koran forbids alcohol to its followers; I merely stated that the bottles were empty so no joy for him there. Then I offered him some bread. At that point he pleaded, “Sister, don’t you have a dollar?” I retorted, “You asked me for food. I don’t have any money. You’re awfully picky for a beggar!” There’s no pleasing some people… >:(

    1. I had a very similar experience a while back “Do you have some change for me to buy some food?” Feeling generous I gave him my just bought chicken breast sandwich, which he threw on the ground, stomping on it and yelling “Fuck you!”.
      If you need money for drugs or booze just ask for it.

  4. But there is something to be said for someone not willing to compromise on their principles, even when temptation appears.

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