Staring At Breasts

35 thoughts to “Staring At Breasts”

  1. haha nice.

    Wonder if anyone has done an idea i had.

    Where superman has given a ton of women breast cancer if you know what i mean.

  2. Hey Chris, what do you use to color your comics? Do you use watercolor and touch up in Photoshop? I want to color mine but haven’t found a good technique. Do tell.

    1. Unobtanium? They’re lightweight, strong (yet soft), fire-, bullet-, water- and photonproof, don’t leak and available in 4 sizes: big, bigger, huge and enormous!

      1. Actually, silicone implants are surprisingly resilient. I think Manswers hit them with a sumo wrestler, a blowtorch, and bullets. They’re not bulletproof but they’re virtually heat-proof.

  3. That’s pretty funny…but the nerdy nitpicker in me feels the need to point out that that Cyclops eye beams are a concussive blast, not particularly heat-generating. So, the woman would’ve been knocked back, not have her breasts smoldering.

  4. Minor nerd point:
    Cyclops’s beam isn’t a laser, and doesn’t burn. It only pushes. Granted, it pushes hard. But this should be less like a scorch and more like a titty punch.


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