13 thoughts to “Star Wars”

  1. I really like that second panel, it looks great. Great job on this one, i can tell you put a lot of work into it or possibly sacrificed a lot of goats for it

      1. I wonder if the goat method works better on certain things, or if some things just require more goats?

        Anyone have a ratio list for goats? Statistics perhaps? like maybe one goat to create a master piece painting and like five goats to ensure you keep your job?

        Could this be profitable or?

        1. rule of thumb is 2 goats per panel

          anything after that, or ideas you think are good enough to add in after-the-fact; should be chicken or steer that are sacrificed (chickens for spelling errors, steer for grammatical rehauls)

          if you need to fix the art, then find another profession cause you are obviously a dumbshit who sucks at art as well as black magic

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