18 thoughts to “Spock”

    1. His choice sucked – he traded a double one-night stand for a lifetime of kinkyness of kinds that those two will never agree to.

  1. Even in retrospect, the flesh-eating alien venereal diseases were still a much better deal than the narrowly avoided case of human parasites.

    1. Assuming he could even catch them. I don’t know much about Star Trek canon, but in real life even if Spock and the aliens were close genetically, their parasites would be very hard to catch. Take SIV for example, which gives chimps AIDS, would have to quickly travel through at least 7 humans before it’s remotely dangerous. Also, considering the vaginal, unprotected transfer rate is only 1.5% or so which would take on average 670 sexual encounters involving at least 15 people and one chimpanzee to pull off, assuming all encounters had to be heterosexual. The number could be as low as 176 average if gay men could be involved. Still though…

  2. Of course, should it all end up going horrible he can always just travel back in time and create an alternate universe where everything is different.

  3. Actually, the logic depends on the goals. Consider tax breaks v. college scholarships. The tax breaks are popular and give money to the current taxpayers. The scholarships promote a more educated workforce in the next generation and will result in more money when they get paid back. Which choice is more logical depends on the goals of the decision-maker.

  4. Wrong uniform for Spock….by the time Starfleet was wearing those uniforms (mid 24th century), Spock was an Ambassador and no longer in Starfleet.
    He was wearing a goofy robe when he guest-starred on TNG.


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