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  1. Eating it? That’s dumb! And that ain’t no $1 worth to fill up his mouth!

    The whole point of crack is that it has been undergone deprotonation, – removal of the hydrogen cation (from cocaine hydrochloride) to leave just “pure” cocaine*.

    Eating it subjects it to “first pass” through the liver where it is extensively hydrolyzed, as well as first being bathed in stomach acid – which is the opposite pH to set the base free (which has already been done, at around 209 degrees F).

    Snorting & eating (untreated) POWDER will metabolize at about the same rate (that which bypasses the nasal membranes) though without the “rapid” blood/brain barrier crossing via nasal membranes, or in the mouth via mucus membranes that lead to vena cava drainage in the face – thus introducing it to the bloodstream.

    Ingestion has no peaks – and can take 30-60 minutes for pick-up through the portal vein in the stomach – of what is not destroyed by stomach acid.

    Ingesting Crack, however, vs. vaporizing it – where it is already in a free-base form (an incomplete conversion to free-base, but still impressive for a danger-free conversion).

    It is quite chemically different relative to powder for insufflation, much more effective for the “instant rush” via the respiratory tract and right into the bloodstream. Via that route of admin, there is the instant as well as the longer lasting effects – all dose dependent.

    Besides… even in Colombia, you might get a mouthful of Coca leaves for a $1, but certainly not crack! In leaf form, it isn’t even cocaine. It has more than a few steps to get that far with some nasty effluents like kerosine/gasoline and ether, and a washing you can hope was thorough, before you get to white power extracted from the leaves of a bush.

    So… today’s lesson? Don’t eat crack unless it is the crack attached to a super hottie (and disease free!!).

    The other kind above? Don’t eat that either!! Vaporize it, become an addict, blow strangers for a few hits when you run out of cash, get all the same STDs in your throat that you can get on your naughty parts, including AIDS!

    (Even millions of $$$ and a dumb brain can result in AIDS!) Just ask $2.5 million per TV show Charley Sheen!.

    Though I’d bet there was prevention in the form of spending a mere 7¢ of that $50+ million a year he was earning!! Just for an extra insulin syringe! $5 for a whole bag of them! $1.50 for a gallon of bleach – just to rinse off old syringes in a weak solution that would kill viruses like HIV, various Hep A, B & C, plus bacterial infections that quickly become blood-borne like Gon, Syph, Trich, Clamydia, etc.!!

    Doesn’t matter for him though. He won’t be dying any quicker than Magic Johnson. You, on the other hand? You won’t be reading this comic – you’ll have already pawned your computer for cash to vaporize more rocks!

    *Pure, relative to what other gunk has been used to change 100% powder to 75% crap by the time it gets down to the street.

      1. -great obsession over meaningless details
        -displaying untypical knowledge of cocaine related drugs and the scene
        Reads a bit like a crack fueled comment…


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