34 thoughts to “Space High Five”

      1. That was not a “movie”. That was a true documentary with even the video to prove it. Every person on earth knows this except you. You are really behind the power curve. Now I want you to immediately, and I mean right now, tell us that you were wrong and ap0logize.

    1. Of course there can’t be any love. It’s the internet; of course there is going to discord and tumult. Everyone has to be extremely polarized out here. There can be no middle ground or kindness involved in sharing a personal opinion. It’s either exactly what somebody else thought (doesn’t happen often) or its the stupidest thing that person has heard (very common). The argument also always leaves the logical ground of a civilized and appropriate debate to infiltrate the hatred involved in personal attacks. As in the case above, it generally regards the persons sexuality. As an open homosexual, I take offense to the use of “faggot”, “gay”, and “homo” to denote disagreement in somebody else’s opinion. In further cases when you disagree with somebody out here, please state your opinion and the reasoning behind it and avoid the assaults on the personal choices of the person. With that we can disagree but still have the sharing of opinions and the framework supporting them.

  1. this would never happen anyways. forget orbital dynamics or any of that nonsense.
    This comic represents a discontinuity because it shows the two astronauts tethered to the surface by some form of gravity or other mechanism. This is shown by the fact that both of them have their feet planted firmly on the surface of the ship.
    Also, nobody in their right mind would enter the freedom of space with no form of cable or rope tethering them to safety (the ship).

  2. Yer you missed a more obvious point Literalist – conservation of momentum. Seeing as neither of them appear to be tethered they should both have moved away in opposite directions.


    They are wearing the maneuverable EVA packs. If they drift, while foolishly untethered, they CAN get back!


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