9 thoughts to “Silent Auction”

      1. You want to talk about something that isn’t there? Let’s talk American history.

        Red coats lined up at the podium, aiming down their flintlock’s sights, with a bunch of casually dressed colonists in the bidding audience, determining what the best price for tea.

        NOW we’ve got a comic.

        (Hire me.)

  1. can i hear anything for the time machine that’s made of gold time machine made of gold going once going twice well looks like no body wants the time machine put it away !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    up next we got a map to heaven lets start with a opening bid of 100 dollars
    to be continued

  2. He who holds the 9 keys to the 7 hells, the merciless dominion and conqueror of the 7 worlds, the slayer of Gods and bane of titans, the undefeated warlord himself, the rightful ruler of the Universe, Marduk says:

    Are you guys still doing captions?

    I have a great caption here:
    ” “

  3. Out of the silent auctions I’ve been to….I would of enjoyed this one the most.

    ….There’s less competition. :B


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