13 thoughts to “Shrug Dealer”

  1. *shrug*

    More people need this, agreed. Too many busybodies about nowadays, being overly concerned about and judging other people’s actions, even to the point of asking for their metaphorical heads on a platter over some small mistake/misinterpreted comment.

    Bring back not giving a flying fuck!

    1. u really gotta work in a way to shit on people you don’t like in every comment dont u

      i always wonder “how’s he gonna do it this time” and he jumps through some hoops and does it anyway. i mean i am not angry, it’s a special skill, honestly it is impressive

      1. Well, thanks for the compliment, I guess.

        But who did I shit on? I thought I was just making an observation, directed at no one person in particular. I don’t think any of what I wrote even insults someone.

        You can say it was an opinion no one asked for, yes. I do grant you that I’m an over-opinionated dolt.

        If I’m wrong, and you show me how my post can be interpreted in an offensive way, then I apologise.


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