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24 thoughts on “Sex Sex Sex

          1. They were NOT proud of that. They were proud of pretty much everything else, though. Being proud of being a virgin is like being proud of not trying apple cider yet.

        1. “Issac Newton and Nikola Tesla would tell you otherwise…

          Or they would, if they weren’t dead.”

          See- virginity kills!

  1. How is this 100% true? The mere purpose of euphoria during sex is to destroy any remaining existential anxieties.
    Sex and food are the among the basic forms of needs (physical needs), by fulfilling them you negate shortly any mental-conundrum you may be experiencing.

    I cannot really see what would lead sex to lose its capacity to apply repression of oneself’s fears other than being convinced it is redundant. In which case, there’s no real reason for that person to look for it.

    I get the jest of the joke, alas I don’t find it to be accurate. |: