Season 1 Kickoff

20 thoughts to “Season 1 Kickoff”

  1. Corp. Reasoning: Ruthless, cutthroat, and forces consumers to sit on hold for hours on end to an HR phone while ceos and employees laugh at the consumer’s suffering.

    Now that’s something I can get behind boys! Get on it!

    On a separate note…5 toons to one hole? I hope its stretchy….that comment made me clamp my legs together and wince. XD

    1. Says the guy without their own books and website…and has an avatar vomitting rainbows. I hope you got that from somewhere cause if you drew that you have no right to tell them their work is shitty.

        1. sarcasm is VERY hard to pick up across the internet you know. Sorry for not getting your joke, I retract my statement.

  2. What is this garbage about “selling out”? It’s called cashing in and makes perfect cents (I mean sense). You only hear silly twaddle like this from “artists”. You don’t hear accountants saying, “Oh, I’m not in this to make money. That’s YOUR definition of success. I’m just in this for the numbers.”

    1. And artists only say that when they’re not selling much artwork.

      *sad that she knows the truth behind that lie* ;^;


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