Scam Artist

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  1. This actually happened to my 84-year-old grandmother recently. They called her and tried to pose as my brother and said that he was in Venezuela and got in trouble and needed money for bail. Luckily, they didn’t call her what she KNOWS we call her, they didn’t imitate his voice, ad she called my parents to make sure my bro didn’t go to Venezuela.

    Nearly made her have a heart attack.

    1. Yeah, same happened to my grandmother, except it was a rock concert in Toronto. My grandma was a super sleuth and was one step ahead tho. You gotta figure somebody pulls it off if it’s so common : \

    2. Something like that happened to my grandma, except she fell for it… Guy says he won the lottery and asks for money saying he’ll pay her later. She gave the guy $7000. *facepalm*


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