Say You’re Sorry

16 thoughts to “Say You’re Sorry”

  1. Either it’s child abuse or “not-okay-for-westerners-but-considered-ok-in-other-culture”.
    Well, usually caning and beating in other culture is used for last resort.

  2. Yeah that’s just how I used to get it, and its funny how kids today can get away with almost anything because weak ass-parents don’t do a damn thing.

  3. I don’t see the point of a faked apology, give them a reason to be sorry if they fail to understand why what they did was wrong, you will have to condition them to avoid “misbehavior”, until you can instill a formal idea of morality, so until then, the rest is up to parenting.

    1. Because conditioning is not really parenting, that’s why i made the distinction, in the first case the kid doesn’t really knows why something is bad, he just associates it as bad.

        1. My parents were probably less than average with the physical discipline and I’ve often had the same thoughts as doomy. So, he’s probably wise

      1. You’re right about how we’re conditioned to say sorry. But sometimes, kids really do need to forego their judgement and listen to their parents (I’m not sure whether that applies to this comic, however)

    1. ahh, a retake on the old, “Now smoke the whole pack” punishment.
      Didn’t work btw, I kept smoking for nearly 40 years after that….

  4. Personally I couldn’t disagree with this comic more, Kids need to be taught to obey their parents and respect authority, because a person who’s too prideful to take orders will NEVER be able to give them.

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