12 thoughts to “Save the Trees”

  1. “I’d rather go naked than wear fur!”
    “You might have a change of mind once we reach the Siberian tundra.”

  2. trees ARE cool

    i think the paper will be worth the destruction of what they know and love if not to get the word out of how sick rad they are

    1. Umm… no. It would only cost more paper if the signature takes the email across a page break. Otherwise all it cost is more time to print and more ink.

  3. i am very unsatisfied!

    three jokes in a row, that are old.
    sry, to tell ut that.

    i hope tomorrow there will be some gold again! (dudes wheres the gore?)

    1. Uh-oh, we have an unhappy person on the internet! We can’t have someone unhappy over free content! Scramble the fighter jets!

      1. I’m sorry I bothered you with my sincere thoughts about the last comics.
        I’m reading TH nearly since the start and commented a lot, but those last entries are recycled jokes.
        Start your jets and whatever. You seem to be happy.

        Or do you just prefer a whitty comment for to be whitty? Boo.

        btw: I like the 27.5. comic. o Defcon 1.

  4. Yeah, no. The majority of paper and wood comes from tree farms, trees grown solely to be used for making paper and wood. Most of the trees cut down from forests are just wasted typically.

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