Santa Knows

14 thoughts to “Santa Knows”

  1. If these guys ever catch Krampus with kids in his basket, that horned goat is in a world of trouble. Happy holidays, all!

  2. I’ve always felt a need to say I feel those lines refer to how he works in general.

    He comes into your house at night and he sees you when you’re sleeping.

    He’s aware of time zones and knows when you’re awake.

    He reads police reports, checks community newspaper complaints, checks public school records, pays attention when he’s in every mall simultaneously, generally just being a well-informed citizen, and knows if you’ve been bad or good…

    Also good job with the comics, Ryan, John, Chris (and others I’m unaware of and missed?); I’ve been reading them, lurking, for about 2 months now, never commenting. While I’m here, wanted to at least say I enjoy them. =)

  3. He’s not having a good season this year. I killed his reindeer the other day, Bill Murphy killed him & now you’ve had him arrested for being a pedo perve.

    But if Bill killed him then the cops have arrested…

    SANTA ZOMBIE!!!!!!

    Run for your lives!!!!

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