21 thoughts to “Roadrunner Habit”

  1. Don’t start with Winnie-the-Pooh:
    Pooh: hungry all the time, talking very slowly: TBC (weed)
    rabbit: Big nose, very nervous about his own “stuff”: cocaine
    Piglet: always afraid of everything (tripping like sh*t): Shrooms
    tigger: jumping around with no break, very pushed: speed
    Robin: Talking to animals, very colourful fantasies: lsd
    and: Eeyore: depressed all the time… no fun at all: downers…

  2. So… he’s a courier and abuser? This could be a good idea for a gritty re-boot, The Roadrunner, he is an ex-cop and Wiley is trying to catch him, but because of his addiction its hard to track him. And he deals drugs. Makes sense now…


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