Rewards Program

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        1. Yup. The whole outrage that’s been going on is because Herr Trump wants people to pay for their own abortions.

          He’s literally Hitler.

          1. Oh Izzy, so people shouldn’t pay for their own mistakes? Murdering someone should be free, right? I’m so sorry that our wonderful President Hilter is gonna let you get away with stupid shit like that, unlike your parents, who probably didn’t pay attention to you when you were younger and let you do all the stupid things you wanted to without harsh punishment.

          2. I can’t seem to reply to you TOONWHORE, so I had to reply to me instead.

            Poe’s law. I thought the “He’s literally Hitler” bit would give it away, but I guess not.

            I was being sarcastic, I agree with you. There’s a huge sense of entitlement these days in the US, from the upper middle class all the way down to those living in welfare.

      1. Lol, nothing is “free” in Canada. That’s why shit costs twice as much there as it does in the States. Another win for the US. Compare anything – books, clothing, housing, electricity costs, whatever, you’ll see a higher cost number on the same shit in Canada. A book in the US – 9.99, Canada – 15.99. Then they’ll slap on GST/PST, whatever that tax shit is called nowadays there, so it becomes 20$. So yea Canadians, keep thinking you got “free” shit there. I used to live in Ontario, I’ve had OHIP. I know what it covers and what kind of “care” you get there. All I can say is God Bless The USA. USA! USA!

        1. Yeap, but it’s because if you buy it in USD it would have cost twice as much. And as a business man, I can clearly said that if you thought it will be the same price, I welcome you in Capitalism. The taxes are their to give services in Canada. So it’s a bit more expensive, but we have services that USA don’t provide.

          2nd, It’a free by the sens that de socialist society pay for it. Abortion is legal if the doctor accept it and there is no abusive use.

          By the way, the exchange between North America is way lower than other countries (NAFTA).

          I would say : Get your facts right and say the truth if you know it.


          1. What kind of “businessman” are you that can’t write properly? “The taxes are their”?! It’s “the taxes are there”. Not their. And I am saying the truth bc I’ve lived in both countries. Paid taxes and bought good in both. I owned homes in both. I used the services such as hospitals in both. Canada is CLEARLY the more expensive of the two counties with A LOWER standard of life/living. YOU GET MORE AND BETTER QUALITY of everything in the USA and most times for LESS. Even with the exchange rate, USA is better. I’m telling you this bc I have lived it. I know it and it’s true. Period.

    1. Free? It’s not even legal in Ireland! (Except under extreme circumstances when the mother’s life is at risk)

      1. That’s free if the doctor accept and if there is no abusive use of it.
        Since then, the abortion really decrease

        1. Abortions in Ireland decrease, sure. But people wanting abortions have to travel to the UK, or sometimes even further, in order to get it done.

  1. oh god the comments turned to cancer

    here, lets lighten the mood up.

    Butts make POOP come out of them! Can you believe it!


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