9 thoughts to “Revolution”

    1. There are plenty of smart liberals. The overflow is with stupid & hypocritical, evangelical, trailer-livin’ “conservatives” that aren’t yet felons – thus still voting!

  1. Yeap. Be “hot” because you want to rebel and after the mood is gone do the things you really wanted to..
    Finally post it somewhere to convince (to yourself) that your life is really awsome wich is not.
    Aahhh Silly humans !

  2. First non-faded actual John comic for a while. This is positive criticism.

    I’m sure Milan will be along any day now to bring balance with some negative criticism. Or an insult.

    1. See what I mean? “Spic” is not spelled with a “K.” Surely you’re on the local Westboro team for a clinic explosion scheduled soon. Why not go ‘warm-up’ at some similarly named pizza places to make sure your AR is clean and unlikely to jam, like every other one ever made – whichever model, for 50 years and counting, vs the H-Ks, the two primary AKs, as well as the Daisy & Crossman models of competitive designs!

  3. Sad but quite true with trying to go with trend to be edgy and dropped out after it faded.
    Or trying not to go insane for next year with coping mechanism.
    (Would be more ironic if any of the protestors didn’t vote and come out at protest to make themselves feel better).

  4. John,

    Despite what I said the other day, you are still the king of ToonHole women! Draw more like panel one/two @ left, having harmless Tupperware Parties, Book Club meetings, having tea at a friend’s place.

    SOMETHING… that leads to a mass, rubber-titted, fitness-queen type beauties that you draw — all diving into naked, 3 & 4-way, “double-donged/lezbo butt-plug action” – but keep it conservative – so Marmaduke does NOT get involved, but the pizza guy? He arrives on-time, with their three, 21 inch sausage/pepperoni pizzas, finds the door open in panel 13, and just goes in, as per note on the door!!

    Then have him ask if he can talk with them about HIS savior, Ron Jeremy!


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