Requesting Backup

20 thoughts to “Requesting Backup”

    1. This just happened in PA. Tasered a guy to death. This is ALL over the US now. Fat, lazy, poorly trained para-militarized pigs killing more people than the damn terrorists we armed them to fight.

  1. True to life. I witnessed an incident near where I once lived. There was just one man who wasn’t really putting up much of a struggle & by the end of the drama there were so many cops on the scene it was unbelievable. Felt sorry for the guy

  2. I just visited the Artwork by Chris site & the guy spewing maggots… What sort of person even creates something like that??? I mean it’s just so sick, so gross. I loved it!!!

  3. Please understand, that the bad cops make up a very minute percent of the police force. It seems that the police are out of control because the media paints it that way, because that’s what attracts viewers. Yes, there are police who abuse their power, but there are many many more that simply do their job.

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