13 thoughts to “PTSD”

  1. I remember those days. I was alone, pinned down in the couch section, no idea where I was, no hope of finding a map. I took apart 50 loveseats with my bare hands, and used their parts to build a watchtower. took me 6 day to make, but when I got to the top, I could see all the horrors of the whole cursed store. there were children no older than 8 lost in the labyrinth of tacky do-it-yourself furniture, and I thought I saw a guy shopping with his girlfriend get lost. he didn’t even choose to come here, the poor thing. but most importantly, I saw the exit. I knew I could make it if I could avoid the temp in the patio section handing out brochures. I jumped down from that tower, ran like a Mexican straight to my left, knocked down the lady telling me to have a nice day, and never went back there again.


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