Probably Shouldn’t

16 thoughts to “Probably Shouldn’t”

  1. I always hate it when people say that fruit or whatever isn’t ‘organic’ because it doesn’t fit their special standards. Organic means it has carbon in it. If it’s a fruit, then it’s going to have carbon.

    1. And GM food. All food is GM food. If it wasn’t pigs and cattle would be taller and thin, carrots would be purple and there’d be no seedless varieties of anything.

  2. We should be careful, but most of the people take this resolution and a week later find this too hard. Even if they have done too much too fast.

    In USA, nobody cares (only Obama, but half the people are stupid so Obama Care will get out soon).

    I just wish that my newborn kids and their futurs kids will have a great living on Earth.

    No, I’m not vegan, but careful and, if you don’t care about others, you are just a waste of oxygen.

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