19 thoughts to “Price Check”

  1. xD Thank you guys! I have been lurking on here for quite a while but I just never commented (plus I’m trying to figure out this avatar thing) and I wanted to tell you guys great work! You pulled me through some tough times and I love you all. No homo… a little homo…

    1. Have all the homo you want bush. These are new times. Also, for the avatar, you gotta just make a http://Gravatar.com account and associate your email with it. then when you drop a comment, just fill out the email field.

      and thanks for digging the stuff, man. YOU keep us going.

  2. the last panel makes the guy in red look like squidward~
    it’s the nose and frown that got me, lol~
    nothing to be embarrassed bout stool softeners~
    unlike a woman buying vagisil at the counter~
    now that’s embarrassing~

      1. I really wish there was a thumbs up button on this chatbox, but there isn’t so umm…

        ( ((
        \ =\
        __\_ `-\
        (____))( \—-
        (____)) _

      2. Just get em a chastity belt to keep them in check~
        but the more i think about it might be a problem for their period problem~
        uuuggggghhh, nasty….prolly make it rust to high hell~
        lets just for for your super glue idea~

  3. Oh God… Oh no, the pressure is on, everyone else has commented now it’s my turn to think of something witty and clever for the comment box. Oh God the pressure… it’s… IT’S TOO MUCH!!! WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!…

    Can that guy bring some depends as well to the front desk? 🙁

  4. That’s one way to tell if someone’s being a b**** about it. Next time buddy…get your stuff with a price tag unless it is those extra large condoms (rip the price tag off!!!).


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