Prevent School Shootings

11 thoughts to “Prevent School Shootings”

  1. U.S.A.’s school system in a nutshell:

    In south U.S. they teach of kinds how to kill with style and use the good guns. Then they can do school massacre without any further trouble !
    Ah… U.S.A. a great land to make justice by yourself.
    Did you know that all americans quand find a gun only by touching his back ? It’s easy. You can watch Quake’s and Doom’s technique !

    Just kidding when the baby born he get out already with his birth sight. No need of a “back weaponry”

    1. HEY! I’m from the south and I resent that! Because for your information we use *great* guns not your mambee pambee “good” guns. And quit talking about people’s birth sight, that’s private.

      1. I can see it now:

        Gun store guy: So, how many in your class, kid?
        Kid: Err, 39, I think.
        Gun store, guy: well, you’ll be wanting the Orphanmaker 500, then. The magazines take 10 rounds each, so you’ll be wanting 4 mags, too.
        Kid: But, 4 x 10 is 40, not 39!
        Gun store guy: Hmm. I see you know you times tables, kid. But, maybe you’d better wait a while ’til you learn rounding up.

  2. Kids, kids, please there is no need to use a bullet for each student. Line them up in twos and threes, the round should have sufficient energy and penetration to take out several kids in a row. It’s not how many rounds, it’s how you use them to the best effect.


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