Politically Correct Man

24 thoughts to “Politically Correct Man”

  1. Jokes on him, he himself is white, thus he deserved to be sucker punched. PC man was just doing his job.

    1. It’s actually because he was wearing big gauge earrings, and that’s cultural appropriation from tribal African jewellery if ever I saw it.

  2. You cannot be a hipster-douchebag without a soul patch! It would be like ordering a single origin Fair Trade double upside down mocha macchiato and not putting chocolate hazelnut soy sprinkles on it! 😉

  3. I hope all you ladies and gentlemen and agendered and adrogynous and bigendered and transgendered and genderqueer and intersex and non-binary and two-spirited people can enjoy this one.

      1. I’m gender fluid and you’ve let me down and I’m going to write on my tumblr how Toonhole has disappointed me for the last time! #ToonholemorelikeASSHOLESamirite

        good comic tho i like

      1. While it’s not a separate gender, many tg folks don’t exactly identify as one gender or the other, in an in-between unique gender state, but too innumerable to list individually, so “transgender” as a gender just refers to any unique gender identity between social view and personal identification.

        It differs from genderqueer or gender fluidity in that the individual wears a gender “mask” that differs from their gender they identify as, as so behave as a gender they don’t identify as just in the hopes of making life easier, which becomes a part of their unique gender.

  4. Is it less appropiate for political correctness to be represented by a white male because historically white men are the more dickish, or is it because some people believe that white male is the default?

  5. Accurate.

    Plus another ironic thing is how the first people to call out the “white males” are white males as well, attempting to pander to the tumblrinas to gain their approval and probably sexual interest. (Yes, us guys are all the same.)

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