Piñata Murder

29 thoughts to “Piñata Murder”

      1. No its not. “mi ejo” means nothing, it would be “mi hijo”, meaning “my son”, and that would be spanish, not mexican, mexican is not a language, mexican people speak spanish…

  1. I like the lighting and color on this one.
    And yes… surely you could have written “mi hijo”, “mijo” or even “mi viejo”, but it seems the message got through after all, didn’t it?
    Just say you are inventing a new slang for “my son” or something. The world will keep going around and you are feeding those poor and starving grammar nazis… so thats a good thing I guess…

  2. Maybe “Ejo” is the brand of candy inside her hijo. Hence, she has found the candy her son stole from her. He was guilt-ridden, so….you know the rest.

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