19 thoughts to “Perfection”

    1. Why does scum like you are trying so hard to exist ? You don’t have any talent and you are unemployed/doing a shitty job ? Frustrated ? Little D ?
      Just die already, you are an useless braindead attention whore.

    1. And who is exactly a person with talent here? It sure as heck isn’t John who draws like an stroke patient and have an humor of an special student.

  1. It’s been too long since we’ve had some good titties here

    I’m proud of you john.

    You guys should really toss that other guy out of the comments if ya can. I realize you all have thick skin and can take it, but god is it annoying to see that dude on every single John comic now desperately trying to get attention, and it is pretty hard to ignore when he begs so hard for it.

    Either way though, I’m happy for the tits.

  2. Ngl, the “too fat” lady is super pretty.

    And yeah, this dude in the comments is really annoying. It would benefit everyone if he were blocked from this site.

  3. A few quibbles with the comic.

    Primo, Mac & Cheese doesn’t have REAL cheese, so it can never be perfection.

    Secundo, all cheeses can potentially benefit from vaginal fluids mixed within – depending on the vagina, of course.

    I’d certainly pay a premium for Cindy Crawford Beaver Cheese.

    Finally, please stick to your open door policy & don’t purge Milan. Annoying as he is, he has the right to live, too. I think.

  4. Somebody went to art school! Classic gag, setup to punch. Well done!

    Also, if we’re voting: let the troll stay. He/she will just be replaced with another one, and it is a mark of broader market appeal, in a poop-stuck-to-your-shoe-indicator kinda way. Heckle back if you are having a content-poor day.


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