Operating Table

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  1. Everyone that has been in an OR will tell you things are actually worse than this.

    It is very distressing to enter an OR for the first time and see the doctors and remaining staff having a passionate argument about football, or talking about that great sushi restaurant they went to last night, or how they found a packet of cigarettes in their kids backpack, or even doing a little tap dance to the song on the radio, all the while someone is getting gutted.

    It is very distressing.

    After a while it kind-a becomes normal.

    1. They’re humans too, after all. If they kept focusing on the job they do all the time, the stress would probably ruin them. My ex’s aunt works at a hospital, and they keep telling quite insulting and dirty jokes about the patients. The reason is that, it’s the only way to get the disturbing thoughts out when they see something unpleasant.

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