Open Season

17 thoughts to “Open Season”

  1. …which makes me perfectly safe… even when I shoot at the local cops. Thanks guys!
    (is lel a code word for some kind of genocide?)

  2. As someone who lives in a country where there are gun laws and the last time a police officer shot someone to death was maybe 8 years ago, I will now slowly back away and wait until you shoot each other in the face. I will come back later and take the TV and the iPad thou…

  3. Between 1980 ans 2008 the US DOJ reported that 72.5% of homicide offenders were African American and 93% of African American murder victims were killed by African American offenders.

    Cooper, Alexia (2012). Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008. p. 3. ISBN 1249573246.

      1. Are you saying there is a statistically significant number of black people killed by LEOs or that Darren Wilson did literally anything wrong?

      2. Are you suggesting that all African-Americans are common criminals?

        (Yeah, that’s how it feels when someone replies to you with some idiotic, paper thin, accusatory fallacy.)

  4. To think… in my lifetime people like elmuu fuhd or myself are going to replace hispanics as the US’s largest minority. Don’t know why so many are scared of this though, I mean minorities are treated very well here

    1. Hispanic immigration to the USA is a net negative and African Americans and liberal white people are having less children than replacement level while conservative whites are having more kids. The future of America will be really white and christian

  5. Innocent White kids get killed by black thugs: White community mourns the loss, hopes to see justice

    “Innocent” Black thugs killed by white cops:
    Black community riots, complete chaos. “HE DINDU NUFFIN!”

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