20 thoughts to “Not Again”

  1. Well that’s what the doctor gets for trying to perform a “c-section” on a chick that’s not even pregnant. You don’t mess with chicks with strong vag muscles!

  2. Oh ho! It seems Dr. Barrowman has gotten into another predicament with the lovely Lady Suction. Toon in next time to see the thrilling conclusion of Barrowman’s Bastardly Birth.

  3. Over a year late, but the comments section hass not one mention of how un-pregnant (don’t get me wrong, I’m a (mostly silent (and parentheses abusing)) fan of the comic) the patient is in this one?

  4. Ugh… Please subtract one “s” when reading my previous comment. (Or wallop me with a herring… either way.)

  5. A common iconic imagry, essentially embodying the masculine fear of the “missing” female genitals. Damn, my education is showing again.


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