Nonconsensual Sleeping Beauty

19 thoughts to “Nonconsensual Sleeping Beauty”

  1. HAHAHA!

    This is funny! Great Joke!

    Finally someone who can understand THERE IS MORE VOCAL LANGUAGE. What did happend to the body signals of people? When did we forgot THAT THOSE ARE TYPE OF communication. If you had read any romance book you will NEVER FIND someone asking for consent, because they can read their PARTNERS. Jeez and I thought fat basement urchin like me were the socially inept.

    1. Yeah, romance books never ask consent because they are supporting the misogynistic toxic patriarchy that says women are just property.

      1. As opposed to the Toxic Feminism Agenda that says any man should be summarily and instantly fired from any and all jobs if he gets accused of so much as a single groping in the past thirty years. We’re just throwing the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing right out the window. Such an easy environment to abuse because “all women deserve to be believed”. Dangerous mentality. Not all men are monsters.

  2. Ah, back to debating the extremity of Political Correctness in modern society. I would kiss her, then run in case she tried to hit me when she woke up.

  3. Actually, knowing the story/movie/whatever, it is, it’s endorsed even. He just (finally) knows she’d never do the same. 😉

    1. Given the situation, yes. Magic doesn’t exist in reality, but if it did, this would fall under the definition of emergency authorizing the violation of rules that would otherwise apply.

      At least, the Disney version. The original is just messed up.

  4. Brilliant work. Perfect execution aligns with a thought-provoking and a darkly humorous punchline… Comic Strip Of The Year.


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