Noble Beaver

17 thoughts to “Noble Beaver”

      1. You can’t even count, ughhh typical American. Stop smoking weed and eating hot dogs for a second and go to school, kid. Do you have schools in America?

        1. I’m 25 years old, Swedish and I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer graphics.

          The small protrusion on the far left would be the “thumb” people are seeing. From there you’ve got the index, the middle finger, a stretched out presumed ring finger, a pinky, followed by a strange sixth finger.

          If you tried using your two brain cells at the same time you might seem less like a 14 year old racist and- …oh wait, this is the internet, who am I trying to kid anyway? We all know that everyone is a 14-year old racist while on the net!

          1. Thatโ€™s not a 6th finger – itโ€™s an end log, under water.

            Or are you referring to the blue water color stroke above it with feminine finger nail in its holographic form?

            Thereโ€™s even more if you get about 2โ€ from the screen and slowing back up!

            (Damned 14 year old American Swedish Racist punk computer geek!)

  1. haha..look at the beaver’s eyes man! He’s a cuckoo beaver not a Noble beaver as National Geographic says. But the beaver is right man, we should stop messing with the wildlife. Go Beaver!


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