Nice Girl’s Bike

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        1. They… really, really aren’t, and it shows a laziness, lack of imagination, and unwillingness to fit your joke to your audience to think that. Absurdist humor isn’t “asshole jokes.” Anything that doesn’t punch down isn’t an asshole joke, generally.

          Meanwhile, suggesting trans women are “traps” who lure in unsuspecting men is literally a concept used to justify their murder, so… yeah.

          1. You know what? Nevermind, I don’t want to get into this conversation anymore. Bye guys 👋

        1. You mean “offended.” Triggered refers to having a trigger for a mental illness such as PTSD, phobias, or depression hit, and it’s generally been used in that spirit and respectfully, if not always completely correctly, by the people who are supposedly “abusing the term”, while the folks who made it into a joke are mocking mentally ill people by making their issues into a joke.

          Someone who has PTSD and depression, among a few other triggerable conditions.

          1. words can mean more than one thing ya know… I’m guessing your a trans freak too, there cant be another reason you are responding to three year old posts. lmao

          2. No truly, what gives you the right to say you have PTSD? I don’t care if you think you’re a special snowflake in all other regards, why do YOU have PTSD?

    1. Seeing her from behind probably explains why he doesn’t recognize her/him. (I like how the boy being taunted never responds with anything beyond a raised eyebrow.) But I’ll bet the redhead remembers that nasty little so-and-so; my, does he have a surprise coming!

      1. This entire comment section is liberal as fuck. Its a dumb queer comic on something we thought we should remove from the cabnet of mental illness and put smack dab in “Acceptable”.

        1. Other things we decided we should remove from the cabinet of mental illness and put in “Acceptable”:

          Not wanting to be a slave.


          Female nervousness, sexual desire, and “tendency to cause trouble.”

          Things get pathologized to hurt marginalized people, and get de-pathologized because the diagnosis served little useful function other than that. This is another example of that. Why, exactly, are you so upset at people getting to live in a way that they’re happy, instead of miserable and suicidal?

          1. We should respect people whop don’t identify with the bodies they were given at birth.

            I for example am a blonde wolfman… Sure my hair is brown and my body is human, but I take supliments for the hair growth and color it yellow. Soon I’ll undergo surgery and have my face look like a wolf.

            I wish people would stop looking at me like I’m some sort of freak…

          2. We have no evidence she still has a penis, and having a penis isn’t actually the determinant of a person’s sex. Strictly, sex is based on the relative size of the gametes they produce (larger = female, smaller = male, similar size = + and -, which are distinguished by traits I can’t remember because I’m not hugely up on fungi which are the main organisms you see that in), and as far as humans, biologists have proposed everywhere from 5 to 9 different dimensions of sex, including hormone levels, external genitalia, internal gonads…

            Plus, what, exactly, is harmed or changed by considering her a woman? How does that change anything of significance? What is the downside?

            Also, nice false equivalency, What Word. Because, clearly, a recognized and studied phenomenon in which people can have a gender identity inconsistent with their assigned gender is exactly the same as believing you’re a wolfman, and “supplements for hair growth” are the same as formal medical treatment.

          3. I self identity as a person who wants you to kill yourself. Please respect my rights, If you don’t kill yourself now then you are being prejudice and ignorant.

        1. We have astronomical scientific evidence that supports two things:

          Gender is not the same as sex. Gender is a static structure within the brain that can be male, female, or not strongly male OR female depending on the structure. This forms while in the womb, where chemicals that shape the brain are given based on anatomical sex: xx gets female brain, xy gets male brain.

          But, sometimes there’s a mismatch. Sometimes you might get an xy with a female brain, or an xx with a male brain, or an xx/xy with a brain that’s not quite male OR female depending on how the chemicals that form gender in the brain were mismatched.

          QED: quit obsessing about everyone else’s genitals and actually pay attention to the important stuff.

          1. The pot calling the kettle black much?
            I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.


          3. Faggola: You… do realize that most of physical sexual expression is based on prenatal hormone levels, not chromosomes, right? This is basic biology. Chromosomes determine gonads. Hormones determine physical development of sexual characteristics. These are not always in sync. On top of that, there are various genetic variations that can lead to development not in line with simple karyotype, such as Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome or Swyer syndrome.

            (That said, there are other reasons to doubt the “female brained male” and “male brained female” explanation for trans people, including that there’s a dearth of clear evidence that brains have meaningful sex — that there’s tendencies toward certain brain structures being more or less developed, but when you take the entire brain as a whole, there’s no clear “sexing” where one has just male or female traits, as well as there being a range of expression even among those individual structures in each sex)

            Maybe brush up on your biology, rather than relying on Middle School textbooks?

          4. Damnit! I spelled “hear” wrong! You probably didn’t notice though because you’re too busy being “special”. I think you’re missing a few chromosomes yourself.

  1. So correct me if I’m wrong…

    The redhead is a girl that used to be mistaken for a boy, and had to take the hormone supplements to make herself look less like a guy. Correct?

    1. She was born a male, but feels she is a girl (trans) – she likes girly things and looking like a girl, but society doesn’t see her as a girl unless she looks 100% like a woman, (and if she still had a penis, many still wouldn’t accept her gender identity)
      Sex = between your legs (at birth)
      Gender = the sex of your brain

      1. Wrong.

        Basically what sex you have: Male/Female.

        Gender Identity is what you call ‘gender’.

  2. If we could just see her as she identifies herself from childhood, everything would be better.. And though “other” gendered peeps would perhaps get less bullied growing up, there’d be less representation, since everything is always so gender binary focused.. Hmmm.. Why can’t people just do what they want, they’re not hurting anyone ~~~

          1. Are you legitimately retarded? She’s not trying to have sex with anyone. That smirk is realizing the bully who tormented her all those years for liking girlish things (as a boy) now finds her hot.

      1. where…where the hell did you draw that conclusion? Especially considering their both drinking.

        She looks smug, because when you’re bullied long enough, you never forget that.

    1. If she could just be a normal person, that would be much better. It’s so much easier for everyone when there aren’t people who think they deserve to be thought of as “special” by the entire damn world!

        1. Yea, fuck people who are so anrrow-minded anything out of their viewpoint is a personally attack on them and must be part of some bigger, wider ‘agenda’.

          You act high and mighty, but you’re as low as the people drawing these cartoons (love you toonhole), you retarded fuck. 😀

          1. Yea, anyone who doesn’t conform to your view point must be stupid and narrow minded. Of course you are the genius who has all the answers

          2. No, but you know what DOES have all the answers? Neurological science over the past three decades. And guess what? All that nice neurological science favors transgenderism because of what they found.

    1. Wait? She’s a transexual? I thought the hormone supplement is just female medicine and the first panels were her being a tomboy.



    except chris, i’d fuck chris and maybe ryan if chris would only fuck me in a threesome and maybe the whole toonhole cast of writers buttheyrestillfakeandgay


    1. I mean like I don’t know if it was a tran joke or a childhood bully falling in love with the girl that he bullied.
      I mean there were women who took hormone supplement or something for their female body health.

      1. I think Ryan was aiming at the idea that the redhead was a boy, and in panel 3 is now on Hormone Replacement Therapy, and develops into a girl by panel 4.

        The other boy bullies the redhead for looking like a girl and wanting to be a girl, but is then attracted to the redhead when she actually looks like a developed woman.

  4. I’ve been reading Toonhole for years.. this comic stood out the most. It means a lot to see a joke about trans people that’s not derogatory. Mad respect

  5. my high school biology teacher told us that your reproductive organ is used (at birth) to name you. it doesn’t (in actual sense) determine your sex. now i’m going to make a noose and hang myself.

    1. Of course it determines your sex; your sex is *defined* as what type of reproductive organs you have. I think your teacher meant that it doesn’t determine your gender (or, to be more technical, your gender identity).

  6. The guy has a thing for green shirts and blue trousers.

    oh, right to the point. hmm…ah!
    There’s nothin’ wrong with following your passions…as long as it’s not killin’ or rape. 😀

  7. *shrugs* I thought it was a girl from the start and the boy taunting at the beginning was just an idiot and didn’t know it was a girl, not a guy. I was teased for looking like a boy until my breasts and hips shaped out. And girls sometimes have to take supplement hormones because their bodies don’t make enough.

  8. Thank you so much for not treating her like a punchline in and of herself. I’ll be sharing this with my trans* friends/family, and I’m betting they get a good chuckle out of it too. 🙂

  9. as a transgirl myself, i’m quite happy to see this comic.

    I also see the typical ‘faggot’ comments be chucked about by people who understand really don’t want to understand. Depressing but typical.


    1. That makes us really happy, licorice! There’s momentum of trans representation in media these days, hopefully leading to more understanding and long overdue acceptance. Hopefully ToonHole can be part of that : )

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  11. Poor trolls so emotionally invested in telling others what someone else’s body means to society. I have some news for you.
    That thing you’re ashamed of that you don’t want anyone to know about; it’s showing right now. You’re not fooling anyone. Come to the dark side, we have boobies.

  12. News flash: gender still equals sex dipshitolas
    But in 2016 America, everyone takes “you can be whatever you wanna be when you grow up!” a little too seriously
    And people somehow just suddenly have to accept it
    But some people aren’t gonna do that immediately, of course
    That’s just how shit works

    Also read up on biology, those saying there’s an autism spectrum of genders

    1. ikr, I agree and I’m trans myself lmao

  13. guys what if the kid thought she looked like a boy the whole time and she never corrected him. Stay woke my children

  14. In all reality this is a mental condition. Rather than you ignorant idiots insulting “narrow minded people” I recommend you open your very own mind and look at all view points rather than stooping down to the likes of Jim/Jeff. How I see it gender is determined by the body, neurologically yes the brain has issues distinguishing due to chemical imbalance, but the fact of the matter is it is still a mental condition. Sex is your gender, your body parts such as the male genitalia determine if you are male or female. A female is born with its own set of genetalia for reproduction and a male is given the like. Now do not get me wrong, I do not hate the people who made a choice, but I do not quite back up such a choice. A person is a person and they deserve proper respect, a choice is a choice and that can be judged and opinionated. Also you may ask why I do not support the choice and my simple answer is religion. Also, please do not hit me with your opinions and insults, I gave you up most respect despite my ideals, now please show me respect.

  15. This is the day of the expanding man
    That shape is my shade
    There where I used to stand
    It seems like only yesterday
    I gazed through the glass
    At ramblers, wild gamblers
    That’s all in the past
    You call me a fool
    You say it’s a crazy scheme
    This one’s for real
    I already bought the dream
    So useless to ask me why
    Throw a kiss and say goodbye
    I’ll make it this time
    I’m ready to cross that fine line
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    A victim of laughing chance
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    Sharing the things we know and love
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    Make love to these women
    Languid and bittersweet
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    I learned to work the saxophone
    I play just what I feel
    Drink Scotch whiskey all night long
    And die behind the wheel
    They got a name for the winners in the world
    I want a name when I lose
    They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
    Call me Deacon Blues

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