37 thoughts to “New Confidence”

  1. The >> above your comics to skip to the latest comic, doesn’t seem to work correctly. Also on the second latest comic the > is hidden.

  2. Well… so much for cleaning up your comics… I was wondering why you were going through a “period” of clean-ness.

  3. in germany there is a saying: “nur echte pirate stechen auch ins rote meer.” – in english (rough): only real pirates set sail into the red ocean. -.-°

    1. @2910
      You lost an N on your way pirat.

      plural of Pirat is Piraten.

      Awwwww man I promised myself to be less a grammar prick.
      There goes my New Year’s resolution. Good times buddy good times.

  4. wow that took me way too long to figure out it was a tampon.

    I thought they were dildos with grappling hooks.

  5. HA and on the first day of my period I see this…mwahahaha now those who read this will forever be grossed out!!!


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