15 thoughts to “Nature”

    1. Dude haikus are supposed to have three lines. Lemme finish that for you ya filthy heathen:
      No Humor No Class
      Only Crap From A Spic Ass
      Best Described As Crass
      Look I even capitalized all the first letters for no reason like you did.

  1. Yup, most animals are into voyeurism and some into gangbangs.

    It’s not uncommon for a bitch to put out to a pack of mutts in some back alley. Hell, even dogs do that.

    1. animals don’t have fetishes, Izzy it’s just the way things are done.
      Do some more research before you screw the pooch further.

      1. Primo, animals do have fetishes. A friend of mine had a dog who kept pounding away at one leg of his telephone table. Nothing else, just that particular table leg.
        Yes, millennials, there used to be tables specifically for telephones.

        Secundo, well done. I tip my fedora to you.

        1. Alas, it appears I was in the wrong. I concede to your considerable personal experience involving animal sex.

          You may now continue to screw the pooch.

  2. You could say it gets him “horny”
    You shouldn’t though, the mating of endangered species is a joyous event not to be ruined by puns.

    1. God damn trannies and their eyelash implants!
      How are they gonna mutilate their bodies next huh, flowers and bows?! Pah!

        1. Don’t you hate it when that happens? There you are, plugging away at your own trap, and suddenly the wig, or eyelashes, or whatever, fall off & it all becomes gayer than Freddie Mercury inside an MMA locker room, bless His divine soul.

          C’est la vie, I guess.

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