26 thoughts to “Nature Hike”

    1. Hey how does me gusta even do that? It craps up the comment formatting even. It’s as if his post merges with the post directly above his, cuz I can’t reply to that one

  1. Hey, it is better than climbing 18 floors in a dank stairwell. And everyone’s on about Megusta. Can’t you guys just delete his spam? and why does he only show up HERE?

      1. Please. EVERYONE loves MeGusta. he’s like our family pet. Our very very dysfunctional family-pet. Despite how dysfunctional it is, he’s our pet and we should love him, take care of him, and NOT stop his spam! YAY SPAM! Also, beating the bot is a privilege.

    1. it should be there right under the image. However, we have noticed recently that some of the buttons don’t load occasionally. I dunno why, maybe javascript render c++python execution binaries…you know.

      Try and refresh the page a couple times, the Goog+ button should appear.

  2. wait a minute! there’s a mound/hill in the distance for the first and second panel. where the hell did it go in the third panel?

    1. Its a perspective trick, look at the hotel to the left of the purple one right behind the hill he’s standing on. You can clearly see another round terrain.


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