7 thoughts to “My Next Trick”

  1. Wat.

    Call it a hunch, but a comic where a chick sucks a dude off doesn’t seem like feminism because it doesn’t show big comic drawn tiddies.

    1. it’s a super serious issue and Izzy here is very serious about it as well. Clearly Toonhole has gone full SJW on us!!!!!

      what im saying is we joke here, just not very well. We learned it from Toonhole after all. (still jokes ilu.)

      but for real serious!! We better get some titties in here or THERE WILL BE RIOTS

      1. That’s why I’m here. Resident girl. No titties needed while I’m here! I provide enough estrogen to give you immunity from punishment from lacking boobs. Keep doing you, ToonHole!

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